Emergency Information

When your child needs urgent dental treatment, many of our doctors are ready to help. Quick action can save the tooth, prevent infection and reduce extensive dental treatment. Be sure to keep your Pediatric Dentist’s phone number where it is available for caretakers.

In cases where you are unable to bring your child immediately for attention at one of our offices, here are some helpful tips for dealing with dental emergencies.

Not all of our offices offer the same emergency services. Please consult your doctor during your regular check-up to learn about his or her emergency policies.

Always keep the emergency phone numbers handy for the local Children’s Hospital or Emergency Room that is near your home.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is basically any situation occurring where the child has an injury or possible infection of the tooth, mouth, or jaw. Severe swelling, trauma, or visible injuries are all examples of what could be potential issues.

If a child has had some kind of head trauma that has knocked out a tooth or caused severe injury that causes loss of consciousness, vomiting or bleeding, please go to the nearest emergency room to seek medical attention.

Often young children have accidents and may chip or lose a baby tooth. Since baby teeth are not permanent, the doctor will likely evaluate for other injury and allow the permanent tooth to erupt.

If your child loses a permanent tooth, try to carefully pick it up by the top part of the tooth and do not disturb any roots that could be attached. Clean the tooth with whole milk and try to make it to the dentist quickly so the likelihood of the tooth being re-implanted is greater.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“Very professional and attendant staff. Provided all the information and made my daughter feel very comfortable throughout the appointment and procedures. ”

– Juan E.
What Our Patients Say About Us

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