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Patient Reviews

You deserve to have the best dental care possible, but it’s not always easy to find quality dental services that are convenient and affordable. But now, you can stop searching because you’ll discover everything you want in dental care at our local dental practice. Learn more about our practice and why our patients say that we’re the best dentist they’ve ever seen.

Aiming to Bring You the Best Dental Care Is Our Mission

In an effort to provide you and your family quality dental care, we have strived to assemble a group of dentists with top-notch knowledge, training, and compassion. They always give you plenty of time during your visits, clearly explain your treatment options, and pay attention to your preferences in order to develop custom treatment plans that reflect and respect your needs.

We have continued this commitment by bringing you a warm and friendly office staff that creates a relaxing atmosphere. We are always happy to help you in any way, from arranging convenient appointments to providing information about procedures to helping you feel calm if you are anxious about dental treatment.

Has the rising cost of dental care led you to wonder, “Could there be an affordable dentist near me?” We understand your concern and have gone to great lengths to eliminate a number of the obstacles that have denied many people from getting regular local access to quality dental care that suits their budget. We also try to save you from future dental expenses by promoting preventative treatments and providing guidance on at-home dental hygiene practices.

Discover the quality dental care experience you’ve been hoping to find for you and your family. Please call our office for more information and to schedule a convenient appointment, but first please take a minute to read over our patient reviews below.

“The last time my son had seen a dentist was about three years ago because he refused to go to another one until now due to bad experiences. We got lucky picking Main Street Dental! I was so impressed with the office. The office is very opened and parents are welcomed back with the children. I absolutely loved our dental assistant.. She was very informative and explained everything to my son before she did anything. She was amazingly patient and kind the entire visit. She took xray and cleaned his teeth and explained to him what the dentist Dr. B would be doing. She stayed with us the entire time even while the dentist was in the room. The dentist was also very informative and nice and answered any questions I had. They also explained how my son’s next visit was going to be (he has to get fillings). The entire visit was only an hour long. Huge thumbs up to Main Street Dental of Cape Coral! I have been and will gladly still recommend them for pediatric dentistry!!!!!”

– Chelsea M.

“Love the Doctors and Staff so much! My kids are not afraid of the dentist. The staff is so compassionate, and I love the fact that the doctor will call personally and ask how the kids are doing after a big procedure. I would not want to go anywhere else , I will drive hours if I had to just to see them. This is for both sides regular dentist and orthodontist. As my kids See both.”

– Brandy S.

“Great place! We love the orthodontist there, Dr Raina. Two of my kids have needed spacers and one partial braces. We couldnot have found a more competent doctor and staff to work with”

– Deborah S.

“We love it there! The staff is great with all three of my children. They are freindly, knowledgeable and great at what they do! We also never have to wait too long to see the doc and its a very kid friendly waiting room.”

– Angela B.

“My daughter has had a not so good experience with a dentist in the past. Main Street was awesome for her! She smiled the whole time. I was so surprised they were able to clean her teeth and even do X-rays considering her past experience and she just turned four. I could not be happier with her appointment!”

– Sophia J.

“This is by far one of the best dentist I’ve ever been to. They have great front desk assistance, the staff in the back is patient and goes over every step with your child before they do it so they know what to expect. The office is clean and the appointments aren’t over booked or set far off. I highly recommend this office for your children.”

– Amy H.

“Friendly helpful office staff, hygienists attuned to kids and their habits, dentists friendly and efficient.”

– Michelle H.

“The staff was very kind and took the time to explain to my children everything they were doing. The front desk staff was very courteous and helpful. I look forward to going back.”

– Le-ron C.

“The office manager is a sweetheart. Any issues she will solve for you or at least get a game plan made so your not left in the dark.”

– Angi L.

“It took me months to find a pediatric dentist office that accepts my children’s insurance. The office staff, dental hygienists, and dentist are warm and friendly and explained everything to make the experience comfortable for my children. I highly recommend them!”

– Tori W.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“Great place for kids. My 11 year old daughter loves it.”

– Nathalia G.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“They do a nice job and it an excellent place plus all of the office are so kind and they do a good job”

– Brenda P.