Main Street Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics of Elkton

Patient Reviews

It can be a quite a challenge to locate quality dental care that is both convenient and affordable. Luckily, you can stop searching and simply visit our local dental practice that is trusted by the community for quality, budget-friendly dental care.

We Always Try to Provide the Best Dental Care Experience

Providing you with quality dental services and a satisfying patient experience are our highest priorities. This focus has led us to strive to treat you to dentists with quality education and experience, along with a warm and knowledgeable office staff that makes your visit a pleasure.

Our dentists are committed to your dental health and customize your treatment plans to suit your specific needs after ensuring you understand your various treatment options. You will always receive personal attention, gentle and compassionate treatment, and be advised about preventative procedures and at-home oral hygiene practices that can reduce your later dental problems and costs.

You will find that our office staff is happy to arrange convenient appointments, make you feel completely comfortable, and help you relax if you are anxious about seeing the dentist. We ensure that our office has a calm and inviting ambiance to make your dental care visits as pleasant as possible.

Have you found that the lack of affordable quality dental care in the area has left you asking, “Why can’t there be a reasonably-priced, good dentist near me?” We realize this a problem for many, which is why we have done away with some financial barriers to try to make the best dental care affordable and available to everyone in the community.

Please give us the opportunity to make you and your family feel the same way. After reading our patient reviews below, we hope that you call us to make an appointment today:

“My experience with my children here has been great. Everyone is so polite and nice. The atmosphere is so positive ☺️ My kids also love it”

– India G.

“I was really nervous taking my son to see a Dentist after the last traumatic episode. This office was recommended by our Pediatrician so we gave it a shot. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of my son. All of the staff that interacted with son were amazing! My son willingly, without hesitation, went right into the X-ray room, chatted the whole time and got them done without a peep! His hygienist was super nice and was perfect with my son. She put us both at ease. Dr. Woods was great and informative. My son really liked him. My son cant wait to go back and was so excited to tell his brother all about it when we got home.”

– Kara P.

“We absolutely love Dr Wilson! He works miracles with young children. I absolutely trust his judgement, his work is top-notch and know that he will treat my child as if it was his own and that means the world to me. He is a gem!”

– Kinley G.

“My 5 year old has always had a tough time at the dentist, many tears and fear, but she totally was at ease at Main Street! Dr. Wilson was so fabulous! He explained everything to her and she was completely happy. At one point she was actually laughing! We will be staying at Main Street. Thanks!”

– Buffy B.

“Always friendly and professional. Main Street Dentistry is the only place I will take my Grandson!”

– Barbara R.

“The staff is hands down the best in the biz! They take the time to get to know their patients, making my 3 daughter’s very comfortable while there and excited about each visit. So friendly, very knowledgeable, and take the time to educate and keep us parents updated. Thank you Main Street!”

– Denay L.

“Main Street Dentistry is great!!! The staff has always made my son feel comfortable, and they somehow make going to the dentist a fun experience. He actually looks forward to his dental appointments, and I think that’s pretty impressive!! You guys are awesome!!”

– Katie G.

“My kids had a great experience. They were amazing with them!!”

– Melissa W.

“My kids where happy”

– Ahzeer T.

“They were very friendly. My daughter is 2 yrs old and they made her very comfortable. I would highly recommend them for any child.”

– Jessica W.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“The reception team, Julie and the dentists are all so welcoming and helpful.”

– Philip C.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“We love Main Street Children’s Dentistry!!! We drive from Delaware just to see JoJo and Julie every 6 months. Fabulous!!!”

– Melissa P.