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Patient Reviews

When it comes to finding quality dental care in your local area, it may be much harder than it seems and leave you asking everyone, “Do you know of a good dentist near me?” Luckily for you, our local dental practice can be your answer. Discover more about how our practice can help you maintain a healthy smile.

Our Goal Is to Always Strive to Deliver the Best Dental Care

When you visit our office, you will find out how we have worked hard to bring you dentists with current skills and training to provide you with quality dental care. They always provide gentle treatment, never rush you through appointments, discuss your dental care options, and address your concerns and questions. Only then do they tailor treatment plans especially for your needs. To help save you the money and pain of dental problems down the road, we instruct you on good oral hygiene habits for home and urge preventative dental procedures.

You can count on our staff to welcome you with a smile, make you feel completely comfortable, and treat you like part of the family. They are happy to coordinate convenient appointments and provide you with details about our quality dental services. If you are nervous about dental care, be assured that they can soothe your nerves and put your mind at ease.

We are concerned that high dental treatment costs are keeping many away from the dentist. Our commitment to your dental health has inspired us to try and break many of these high-priced obstacles to ensure that we can give patients access to treatment at an affordable price.

Our highest compliments are the praise of our patients, who appreciate the way we strive to deliver the best dental care experience. Take a look at our patient reviews and call us for a dental appointment.

“Amazing people who work there.”

– Quinn C.

“My children love going to this dental office. They get excited when I tell them it is time to go to their dental appointments and start deciding what flavor toothpaste they’ll try. The staff are patient, caring and take their time to explain what is going on during the visit so they are not frightened. I highly recommend this dental office.”

– Julia B.

“The dential hi Gina’s was excellent with my daughter and so was the dentist. She was very comfortable and they made her feel special. I also like the fact that I don’t always feel like I am being sold on an item or something needs to be done that really doesn’t. My last dentist, always had something that needed to be done to their teeth or mouyh.”

– Faith M.

“Best office and staff. Everyone is so friendly and makes my daughter feel happy when wr come for her visit.”

– Brianna P.

“Awesome place with the best Orthodontist and staff in town!”

– Zachary M.

“My kids LOVE coming to see Dr. Munoz!!!! This is the best dental office in Naples. The only dentist my daughter will open their mouth for!”

– Cameron B.

“Wonderful staff and Dr Munoz works great with small children”

– Sophie D.

“Good customer service”

– David F.

“The dental assisstant was fabulous! She had so many ways of describing what she was doing using kid friendly phrases. She was kind and encouraging!”

– Jaxen M.

“You have an awesome staff and do a great job!”

– Beaudin D.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“Friendly, pleasant and helpful staff. Clean office. Dr. Freedman is wonderful.”

– Mj K.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“The doctor was very kind, considerate and professional!”

– Breanna H.