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Welcome to Main Street Children's Dentistry at Palmetto Hospital in Hialeah, FL

Here at Main Street Children’s Dentistry at Palmetto Hospital, we know that finding the right dentist to care for your child’s dental health can be a real challenge. Our trusted dental practice makes it easy to find the right pediatric dentistry solutions for your children. Our offices are designed to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for children aged one year and up. This allows us to provide your family with the best possible start in managing their dental health and protecting the teeth and gums of your children in the Hialeah, Florida, area.

Our dental team has been serving the needs of local patients in the Hialeah, Florida community since 1994, and we hope to be around for at least another 20+ years! We are conveniently located at the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah and are close to major public transportation routes, which makes it easy for you and your children to visit our office when you need dental care.

Experience Makes the Difference

At Main Street Children’s Dentistry, our dental professionals have the experience and the proven knowledge needed to resolve issues quickly and as painlessly as possible. This will help your children get the right start on regular dental checkups and a lifetime of better dental health.

We use the latest technical equipment, including digital radiography that allows X-rays to be delivered directly to our computer systems without the wait time typical of traditional X-ray machines. Main Street Children’s Dentistry also maintains electronic patient files to eliminate many of the errors and issues that paper files can sometimes produce. Our long history of providing quality Hialeah dental care services will give you greater peace of mind when entrusting your little ones to our dental team.

A Friendly and Welcoming Environment

Dental visits can sometimes be stressful for children. Each of our operating rooms has a television installed to help take your child’s mind off the situation and to reduce stress and anxiety in the dental setting. Brightly colored walls and artwork, toys and games and other activities are important features of our waiting room and can make the task of going to the dentist much more pleasant for both you and your child.

Referrals and Walk-in Patients Are Welcome

Many of our patients first come to us after being referred to our dental practice by friends, family, teachers and medical professionals. We are proud to offer the practical help needed to deal with routine dental care needs for children, including the following services:

  • Check-ups
  • Dental cleanings
  • Pediatric dental X-rays
  • Examinations for periodontal issues
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Fillings and other treatments for tooth decay
  • Emergency services to resolve issues quickly

Main Street Children’s Dentistry accepts walk-in patients and will see you as soon as possible. We can also offer same-day appointments for examinations, fillings, extractions and other urgently needed dental care services.

Compassionate and Caring Dental Services

Every member of our team at Main Street Children’s Dentistry is committed to helping your family manage dental care concerns and prevent problems in the future. We work with you to make sure that your child is as comfortable as possible throughout their care with our team. This can help your child to associate the dentist’s office with positive emotions, which can provide a solid foundation for their future dental health.

We offer special help to children with special needs and can develop a personalized plan that is precisely suited to help your child adjust to his or her dental care requirements. Our dentists have the expertise and proven knowledge required to perform dental procedures under a variety of types of sedation. We can provide general anesthesia for children if appropriate and required for the specific dental work to be performed.

Another way we show our commitment to caring for the community is through our support for the Colgate Mobile Dental Van program, which offers screening and checkups for children in the community. This innovative program offers educational support and dental care to children and, in some cases, may be their first experience with dental health care.

Affordable and Practical Care

At Main Street Children’s Dentistry at Palmetto Hospital, we offer affordable options for managing the dental hygiene and health of your children. Our administrative team can accept most types of dental insurance and will work with you to make sure that as much of your care is covered as possible. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and can help you manage the cost of care for your children in our office.

Give us a call today at 786-623-5889 to schedule your child’s first appointment with us. We look forward to the opportunity to help your children enjoy the brightest smiles and the best dental health now and for the future.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“Amazing service! Lovely staff! Always on time for appointments!”

– Jacob J.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“Amazing service! Lovely staff! Always on time for appointments!”

– Jacob J.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“Amazing service! Lovely staff! Always on time for appointments!”

– Jacob J.