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Welcome to Main Street Orthodontics at Baptist Medical Plaza in Miami, FL

At Main Street Orthodontics at Baptist Medical Plaza, we offer practical solutions for misaligned teeth for patients aged seven years and up. We take pride in offering affordable orthodontic services and support for our patients in the Palmetto Bay area and Miami community. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable orthodontic professionals are experienced in addressing bite and misalignment issues for children and will work with parents to determine the best possible option for your child’s needs. We hope to be your partner in orthodontic care for your child’s current and future needs.

The Orthodontic Services We Offer

At our orthodontic practice, we offer a number of different solutions designed to suit the needs of your children and to correct issues with crooked teeth in the most effective way possible. Some of our most popular solutions include the following orthodontic treatments:

  • Braces: Traditional braces are attached to the teeth on a temporary basis and consist of wires and brackets. These systems put pressure on teeth in a specific way, depending on the corrections needed, moving them gradually into the desired configuration. Braces are worn until the desired correction has been achieved.
  • Retainers: Retainers are reserved for the final stages of braces. Ideally, a retainer is worn by your child at night to help maintain the corrections made during the braces process.
  • Invisalign: These clear aligners are not usually recommended for younger children because of the possibility that their teeth are still growing during the orthodontic correction process. Because Invisalign is relatively expensive, it should be reserved until the teeth and jaw have grown to their full size. However, your orthodontist will be able to perform an inspection of your child’s teeth and recommend the appropriate action.

The Latest Technologies for Your Orthodontic Needs

Main Street Orthodontics can provide the latest treatments for crooked or misaligned teeth. Some of the tools we have at our disposal in our Palmetto Bay orthodontics office include the following:

  • The iTero digital scanner is designed to make the X-ray process easier and faster. This digital radiography tool allows our team to take X-rays that can be immediately transferred to the computer. This tool speeds up the diagnostic process and can help you begin your orthodontic treatment more quickly.
  • We also use intraoral dental scanners that can create an image of your teeth that can be analyzed and stored on our computer systems. These advanced tools are designed to provide the most accurate look at your teeth before orthodontic procedures can begin.
  • Invisalign is one of the most innovative orthodontic systems available today. This system provides near-invisible correction for teeth that are mildly to moderately out of alignment. We use the iTero Invisalign Simulator to demonstrate the changes that this orthodontic solution can achieve on behalf of our patients.

The entire team at Main Street Orthodontics can provide you with the most advanced and appropriate orthodontic solutions. We work with you to determine the ideal course of treatment for your child.

Convenient Location to Serve You Better

Our office is located at 8750 SW 144th Street, Suite 205 in the Baptist Health Medical Plaza just east of U.S. Highway 1 in Palmetto Bay, Florida. We are close to major public transportation lines and offer convenient office hours to help our patients with scheduling their appointments for orthodontic care with us. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Palmetto Bay for your child, we hope you’ll consider us a quality and appropriate choice. Our staff can provide you with detailed instructions on how to reach our offices from anywhere in the Miami area.

Flexible Care for Patients in Palmetto Bay

At Main Street Orthodontics, we offer same-day and emergency appointments and can often accommodate walk-in patients for initial consultations. Because we often provide orthodontic and dental services for children, our offices are decorated in bright, cheerful colors and equipped with video games and televisions to help keep children and teenagers distracted and busy while they wait for their appointments. Our team has the experience needed to provide the right dental and orthodontic services for children and adolescents. This ensures the best possible experience for adults and younger patients alike in our Palmetto Bay orthodontic office.

Se Habla Español

If you would prefer to communicate with our dental team in Spanish, we can provide you with the detailed instructions and information you need in your preferred language. This can often provide you with greater peace of mind and confidence in seeking orthodontic and dental services from our office.

Affordable Services for Your Child’s Orthodontic Needs

Main Street Orthodontics can provide payment options designed with your specific set of needs in mind. We work with you to make sure that your child’s care is as affordable as possible. To that end, we accept most types of dental insurance and work with you and your insurer to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to the fullest extent possible.

To book a new patient appointment with Main Street Orthodontics at Baptist Medical Plaza, give us a call today at 786-838-4152. Our team of dedicated dental and orthodontic specialists will be happy to work with you to create the brightest smiles possible for you and your children.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“The Best ‼️”

– Young R.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“The Best ‼️”

– Young R.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“The Best ‼️”

– Young R.