Online Games to Make Kids Smile

There are so many ways to smile and online games are a great way to take a short break between tasks. Learning games and just plain silly games are everywhere! To make it easier to smile today, we’ve collected some of our favorite, fun online games from around the Web. Whether you want to practices what you are learning in school, or you want to spend some time playing with your favorite cartoon characters, there’s a game here to keep you learning and loving your time online. Before you play, make sure to get permission from your parent or guardian. Enjoy!

Money and More Games for Kids

Finance and money can be hard to understand. These games make learning about money fun and accessible.

Science and Space Games

Greetings, Earth Kids! Check out these awesome spacey games and reach for the stars.

Earth Shaking Animations for Kids

Use these earthquake animations to shake up your earth science learning.

Coin and Money Games

These three money-focused games can help you make cents of your math lessons.

Dental Health Games and Activities

Your mouth will smile at these dental games. Go ahead; play and smile!

Clean Air Games

Learning games about the importance of air quality and caring for the environment.

FDA Kids: Lose a Billion Bacteria Game

Wash your hands and get ready to be served up some fun with this food-based bateria game.

Become a Master of Disaster and So Much More

Get ahead of disaster with these disaster preparedness games.

Body Basics for Girls

Girls, get to know your body better with this fun body basics quiz.

Medical Puzzles and Games

Medical science is super cool and fun with this collection of online games.

Mr. Nose-It-All

Allergies can be annoying, but learning about them is made a breeze, not a sneeze with Mr. Nose-It-All.

Healthy Games for Growing Bodies

Fun fruit and veggie activities for all ages.

BLS Games and Activities

This collection of games and activities is educational and fun.

Painting and Drawing Activity

Take a break and break out the paint and pencils for this online art activity.

Arcademics Games

Assorted learning games for grades k-6. Math, geography, and so much more.

Online Chess

Chess is a game of strategy and skill. Practice and play against the computer.

Free Rice

Practice with this fun and customizable English learning game and give rice through the World Food Programme for every right answer.

Fun Phonics Unit Games

Practice your reading and literacy skills with these fun reading games.

Letter Fun and Learning

Language and learning are fun with these basic skills games.

PBS Games

The collection of PBS games has something fun for everyone!

Memory Games

Memory games are a great way to give your brain a workout. Exercise your memory with some of your favorite characters.

Nick Games Galore

Play with SpongeBob and other favorite Nick characters.

Make Magic Happen with Disney

There are tons of Disney games and activities to make your online time fun and full of adventure.

Nick Jr. Games and More

Little kids can enjoy fun games with their favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Fisher-Price Online Learning Games

Toddlers and young ones will learn to love learning early with these baby-inspired learning games.


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