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Baby Teething – Signs and Treatment

Jan 22, 2016 - 01:01 PM EST |  Posted under: General

While the appearance of your baby’s first tooth should be a very happy event, it can come with the trouble of teething. Parents often have questions about baby teething, from when do babies start teething to how do I soothe their soreness. To learn the truth about teething and how to handle this time, check out this expert advice.

Straight Talk about Baby Teething

Have you been wondering, when do babies start teething? The first tooth typically comes in around six months after birth, but this can happen as early as three months of age, or as late as around their first birthday. Be aware that every child develops differently, so some children get one tooth as at a time, while others get several all at once. Dental experts agree that it’s important to take your child for their first pediatric dental visit within 6 months of their first tooth erupting, but no later than their first birthday.

Why Baby Teething is a Sore Subject

Parents always want to know the typical signs of teething, but baby teething is different for every single child. Some babies don’t have any trouble with teething, while others have many teething symptoms like mouth pain and soreness. Since there are no general signs of teething, you can tell if your child is teething if they show any of these teething symptoms:

  • Crankiness
  • Excessive drooling
  • Red, swollen gums that may show a visible lump
  • Refusing a bottle or food
  • Restlessness at naptime
  • Difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • Frequently rubbing their cheeks, eyes, and ears
  • Constant urge to chew on anything

Treating Teething Troubles

When a child is teething, it’s often just as painful for the parents because they don’t want their child to be in pain. Luckily, there are many ways to relieve teething discomfort and ease the ache away, such as:

  • A refrigerated baby teething ring
  • Applying gentle pressure to their gums with a clean finger
  • A warm bath
  • Gentle rocking
  • An over-the-counter pain reliever, as recommended by your pediatric dentist
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“I’m happy with the service. Dr. Feldon and the staff are so nice”

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What Our Patients Say About Us

“I’m happy with the service. Dr. Feldon and the staff are so nice”

– Maximo G.