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Four Great Reasons to Choose a Kid DDS

Jan 15, 2016 - 12:01 PM EST |  Posted under: General

Kids dental care isn’t just about having a bright smile. It’s an important part of overall health care, and it should start early. Most pediatricians and dentists recommend scheduling a dental exam before a child’s first birthday. Preparing for your child’s first dental visit can be perplexing. You may wonder if you should take him to a pediatric dental clinic or to your regular dentist. Here are four compelling reasons to take your child to a kids dentist.

Kids Dentists Have Special Training

Pediatric dentists receive specialized education to help them treat the dental challenges of childhood. Kids dentists have more experience in treating problems with growing teeth and early development of the jaw and bite, so they can detect potential problems early. They also have skill and experience that helps them manage a child’s dental anxiety with compassion and patience, so they can make your child feel more at ease.

Dental Equipment Designed for Your Child’s Mouth

A kids dental care clinic typically uses special dental equipment that is specifically designed for a child’s smaller mouth. Various tools are introduced to your child one at a time so that they aren’t quite so scary and intimidating. Having a kid DDS explain the process of a dental exam in terms your child can understand makes dental visits easier for everyone.

Fun, Kid-Friendly Environment

A pediatric dental clinic is usually decorated with bright colors and kid-friendly graphics. Most have toys and games available in the waiting room. Some even play cartoons or kids’ movies on an overhead monitor to distract your child during treatment. Office staff members and technicians are trained to make children feel welcome and comfortable, and stickers, toys, or other treats are often handed out at the end of an appointment.

A Kid DDS will Focus on Preventative Care

Preventative care is a priority when dealing with children’s dental health. Many conditions can be prevented or corrected at a young age to ensure a lifetime of good oral health. Your pediatric dentist will have the latest information on preventative treatments as they pertain to children, and he or she will place special emphasis on at-home oral care.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

“Very friendly, professional staff. I bring our four children here and they are always well taken-care of. Open exam areas is a plus. New office is very nice.”

– Seana P.
What Our Patients Say About Us

“So I’m both grateful and impressed with the level of service and care. I highly recommend this office. We saw Dr. Roberto for my 13 month old who had dental trauma a few months ago that sent us on an ER visit to Arnold Palmer. His barely in baby tooth was knocked out and two of his baby teeth chipped also as a result of this same accident with a coffee table. The Er then gave me a list of pediatric dentist, none of which could see him bc he was so young or didn’t take his insurance anymore. So 6 months later I found Mainstream and scheduled an appointment. The Front desk receptionist is super friendly and helpful. We got turned around which didn’t allow us the 15 min early arrival for new patient paperwork and they were still friendly. The space, clean, beautiful and nice vibe. The tech was awesome with my son’s teeth cleaning and taking the x rays, patient and friendly. I was able to nurse baby boy right there. When Dr. Roberti came in she was sure to inform me of any concerns. She was so understanding of our situation and made a great treatment plan which included a date to come back and put a composite on one of the chipped teeth. I cant say enough. I didn’t wait long at all at any point. I felt supported (as there has been alot of stress in my heart and concern for his teeth since the accident). I will switch my other two children to this office to see dr Roberti. This experience has been my best dental experience even from when I lived in NYC and over all the dental appointments I’ve gone to with my other two sons. Thank you Main Street Children’s Dentistry for your work and integrity.”

– Estrella M.