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Teething Timeline – From the First Tooth to the Tooth Fairy

Dec 15, 2014 - 11:12 AM EST |  Posted under: General, Pediatric Dentistry

Are you ready for your baby’s first teeth to appear? He may show a first tooth as early as three months of age, or you may not see one until his first birthday. Only your pediatric dentist can determine if your baby’s teeth are coming in properly and on schedule, but here is a rough timeline to help you prepare.

Baby Teething Timeline: The First Year
At about five months of age, teething will begin. Your baby may experience swollen, red, and painful gums. Drooling is normal. Between five and 10 months of age, you will probably see your baby’s upper and lower central incisors and upper and lower lateral incisors emerge. See a pediatric dentist if your baby seems to be in excessive pain, or you suspect a problem with tooth eruption.

Toddler Teeth: Fifteen Months to Three Years
At 15 months, your baby’s first molars will erupt on the top and bottom of his mouth; at 18 months, you’ll see the sharp, pointed upper and lower canine or cuspid teeth. When your baby reaches 26 months of age, the back teeth or molars will erupt. At two to three years of age, your baby will have his full set of baby teeth, or what your kids’ dentist calls primary teeth.

Four Years and Beyond
When your child is about four years old, his facial and jawbones grow to create space for his permanent or adult teeth. You can expect to see his first teeth falling out when he is about six or seven years old.

Every Baby is Different
The timeline listed above is a rough guide. Your baby’s progress may not follow it exactly. If you don’t see a first tooth by your baby’s first birthday, consult a kids’ dentist for advice. Some children’s teeth don’t erupt until later, and this doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem.

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