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Why Your Kids Dentist May Think a Retainer is Fit to Improve Your Smile

Jun 18, 2015 - 09:06 AM EST |  Posted under: General

Many people you know may currently wear a retainer or have worn one in their lives. These dental helpers can work wonders on your appearance and dental health. Family dentistry experts shared their insight on how retainers can save your smile.

The Role of Retainers

Retainers are rather common and most family dentistry specialists and orthodontists advise retainers for patients after braces. A retainer is a dental device that either holds teeth in place or moves them into proper position. Made of plastic and metal, retainers are worn over the top of the teeth and are custom made for every wearer.

Reasons for a Retainer

Your kids dentist may suggest a few different reasons why you may need a retainer. The main reason is to maintain the teeth’s new position after braces and prevent them from shifting. Another reason is to close gaps between teeth or re-position a tooth without the need for braces. Retainers may also be the treatment for medical problems. A pediatric dentist may recommend a retainer to correct conditions like tongue thrust, bite problems, bruxism, and temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

The Rules of Retainers

If your pediatric dentist thinks you need to wear a retainer, a mold will be made of your teeth to create your custom mouthpiece. It only takes a few days until your retainer is ready, then you need to get ready and learn how to care for your retainer. Most experts in family dentistry recommend the following guidelines:

  • Clean your retainer every day to remove the plaque, bacteria, and food particles trapped within it. Be sure to ask about the right cleaning process for your particular mouthpiece.
  • Always soak your retainer when you’re not wearing it in the proper cleaning solution. But avoid placing it near hot water or heat to prevent warping.
  • Do not bend the metal wires on the retainer by playing with it in your mouth.
  • Don’t lose your retainer because it can be costly to replace.
  • Wear and care for your retainer in the proper ways for results that make you smile.
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“Everyone was friendly, polite, and explained everything to me.”

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What Our Patients Say About Us

“Everyone was friendly, polite, and explained everything to me.”

– Aubrey C.